Monday, March 23, 2015

Price Reductions and a Journal Style Entry

Nothings more annoying than when people write about how they don't write... I'm guilty of doing this, and I apologize.

In other news; I have been thinking a lot lately, since the snow is melting... I should change all of the prices on my etsy shop. So I have. I knocked $5-15 off of every item that is already posted in my shop. In the future, items will be posted for these new lower prices. Also; I still don't care to deal with figuring shipping charges, so there's still free shipping. (And a coupon on the front page for 20% off)

That being said; I found the tub with all of the other scarves in it, which I have yet to photograph and post. Seriously, an entire tub. One of those rubbermaid ones with the lids. Bigger than a file box, not as big as an actual bathtub. Full. Granted; there are also vintage gloves in there as well. Like; driving gloves, and white gloves that fancy people wore with their fancy gowns in days gone past. fancy. Plus I've created more inventory of my own. Messenger bags galore! Well, maybe not galore, but a few. I'll take pictures and post things once the world outside is no longer brown and gray. Or freezing.

In other news; completely unrelated to the aforementioned etsy shop news: I think we've decided it's time to move again. We'd like to be closer to friends, I want to go back to school for something I'm actually interested in, and Puese's job is essentially killing him for pennies over minimum wage. That being said; I'm looking for a good architecture program. I'll also be filming a personal project over the next... until it's done. Which will involve just about all of those things that I ever wanted to be when I grew up. Less being Sherlock Holmes and an architect.

On that first note; I'm sorry for the last posts over on my health blog. I'm including no link because the content is ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go delete them now. If you haven't read them yet, they've been up for almost a year, what exactly were you waiting for?